Since 2006 we have had a collaborative project "Benchmarking for CIO" with Japanese top ranked companies. Now we open this project to public and provide as our service.


  • Lead to actual reformation and improvement by verifying specifically "how to promote systemization contributing to business from top management view".
  • In order to do so, identify objectively your company's position and share other practical activities for your company's reference.


  1. CIO's view point: Focusing on CIO matters to understand, manage and lead.
  2. Practical theme: Instead of exhaustive or abstract theme, focusing on the theme which leading company is doing/should handle
  3. Participatory survey: Organizing meeting to discuss and exchange information with other participants.
  4. Provide solution: Providing solution in addition to evaluation and finding issues.

Investigation overview

Overview of benchmarking for CIO

Privacy policy

  • We sign confidential agreement with each company and take all possible measures to ensure information handling.
  • Each company's identifiable information would not be appeared on the report.


  • Around 50 Japanese companies in automobile, electronics, precision industry, chemical, electricity, gas, oil, fiber, food, insurance, bank, advertising, steel, rubber, paper manufacturing etc
  • Conducted every year for 10 years since 2006


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  Tokyo Consulting Inc Benchmarking bureau, point of contact: Kishimoto


 System rating service between 2003 and 2006 is here