System consulting support cases

Depending on the client issues, we deliver tailor-made method and style (consulting, planning, and sourcing etc) adjusting to its specific background and situation.

System consulting support example

Black box system


 Visualize system thoroughly by conducting benchmarking and system examination and creating system asset book and white paper etc, and support for improving IT literacy and understanding of top executives through study group or advisory service.

Too much expenditure on system


 Analyze issues and root causes through diagnosis of ROI, and define the plan to reduce expenditure. Achieve system sourcing with reasonable cost by vendor management or IT procurement reform support.

Inappropriate business information


Analyze and design information structure by defining core information and code structure, data mining and big data analysis.  

Slow system maintenance and transformation


 Identify whether the system structure is obsoleted and find root causes, and conduct reformation by stepping into defining systemization approach and basic structure.

Incompetence of IT department


 Define improvement plan to strengthen organization structure by evaluating "Organization maturity" with 5 point scale. Refine organization structure, reform corporate culture, reform HR management and handle technical subjects to strengthen organization structure.

Unclear system road map


 Define IT strategy by considering trends of IT technology, consistence with business strategy and business/organization reform. Additionally, define improvement plan for the capability to systemize.