Explanation of questions for CEO

Here are explanation of Questions for CEO aiming to become a “good company”. Please refer to this.

Overall explanation

 Although answers are simple multiple choice from "Yes","No" and "Yes&No", questions are intentionally designed not to be easily answered.
We let you think thoroughly for these kind of essential questions.
 Therefore, this explanation is also designed not for answering the correct answers but for providing tips for deep thinking for CEOs to be a "good company".


   Do you think your company can last for another 30 years?

   It is extremely difficult to survive without changing your company in these turbulent period. It is inevitable that you always ask Yes&No question to yourself how to comply with the changes.


    Do you think your company sufficiently capture and meet the needs of clients and society?

   Since needs is always changing, it is fundamentally necessary to spend huge effort continuously in order to answer Yes to this question. Based on the fundament, there are two important principals to be remembered.
1. There are needs that you need to comply with from social view and in medium and long term even if clients want in other way.
2. There are continuous and essential needs that are not always emerged.
   Therefore in order to be a "good company", you need to capture needs precisely and transform continuously your company structure to meet them.


  Do you think your employee find meaning for their job?

   It is not a "good company" if your employee can't find essential meaning for their job that they spend most of the time in the life which is only limited to around 100 years.


    Do you think your company is creating new business value and transforming business by utilizing computer?

   Computer hardware and software is rapidly progressing and it expands huge possibilities in various fields. CEO has to run business with correct strategy and pre-eminent operation mechanism, we called "System in a broad sense", in order to make true effect.
   Originally system means business operation mechanism, and IT is just a platform of it. CEO doesn't need to understand the detail of IT, but needs to understand objectively and precisely whether technology is useful and reliable to the company. For first step, you need to establish organization and approach to verify strategy and system thoroughly, and don't easily listen to IT vendor's proposal.


     Do you think you can be a CEO who is respected from the world?

   It is quite difficult to be respected broadly from the world rather than being respected from limited people. For example, from the view point of shareholder, they prefer CEO who prioritizes the maximization of shareholder return as a shareholder representative.
There was a survey for CEO which 2 options (1. Layoff or 2. Stock dividend cut) you choose when declining business profit, and the result showed 80% of CEO choose option 1 in US, and 80% choose option 2 in Japan.
Do you think which CEO is respected from society? (Of course, CEO who avoids declining business profit is the CEO for a "good company".)


Recommendation for action

 We hope CEO who is aiming to be a "good company" sometimes reminds these 5 questions.
The important things is not only "Thinking" but also "Taking action".
As a concrete action, we recommend to join Diagnosis for CEO to “unify strategy and system”.