Questions for CEO aiming to become a “good company”

As a part of the project for Tokyo Consulting Inc's 25th anniversary commemoration, we will held symposium with the theme 「"Aiming for good company and society in 21st century"」. Beforehand, we ask questions to CEOs who are aiming for being a "good company". Please answer these questions.


Q1  Do you think your company can last for another 30 years? Yes No Yes&No
Q2  Do you think your company sufficiently capture and meet the needs of clients and society? Yes No Yes&No
Q3  Do you think your employee find meaning for their job? Yes No Yes&No
Q4  Do you think your company is creating new business value and transforming business by utilizing computer? Yes No Yes&No
Q5  Do you think you can be a CEO who is respected from the world? Yes No Yes&No


◇These questions have detail explanation. Please find Explanation for questions for CEO

◇If you have more than 2 "No" or "Yes&No", we recommend that you take our special diagnosis Diagnosis for CEO to “unify strategy and system”