Our staff

 We are consisted of about 20 staffs (some are from Mckinsey&Company) with excellent expertise and career. Careers of all our staffs are quite excellent and can rank with those of staffs in any other professional firms all over the world. Moreover, we are confident in being one of the best firms for Japanese clients.
We have partnered relationship with some excellent foreign consulting firms.
Therefore, we can always arrange the best team by assigning their staffs if necessary.



True contribution to clients

I was surprised Tokyo Consulting Inc. (TCI) really works for the client (despite many companies are only just saying it).
TCI always keeps independent position and never agrees with useless solutions even if our client wants. 
We recommend information system only when it really contributes to client at the reasonable quality, cost, and delivery level.


Trust from clients

I started my career as a consultant just after graduation from university and was very concerned of it.
However, through the experience in TCI, now lots of clients directly nominate me for various consulting project.
It is no doubt that I could achieve my goal with not only my efforts but also big support from my colleagues.
TCI's various expertise and frameworks, and thorough and exciting discussions with our colleagues helps my growth.