We provide framework and know-how to client companies that they can achieve to create sustainable unique social value, and become a "good company" in 21th century from each view point, client, partner and the company.
Specifically we will support
1) Strategy planning
2) Execution planning; short-term, long-term
3) Execution support




 Provide innovative and marketing framework to identify potential client, cultivate client relationship, and deliver selective value. Especially we support possible solutions with the usage of latest IT such as digital strategy or omni channel by leveraging our extensive knowledge



 Provide framework of vertical/horizontal collaboration to materialize the value "Sanpouyoshi, which means beneficial for seller, buyer and society" that leads to the sustainable growth, and support the execution



 Obtain prominent uniqueness and efficiency, and provide meaning and happiness to employee.
Examples of Tokyo Consulting Inc's own framework are
1) 6P for business transformation
2) AVI; Framework to streamline, add value and innovate back office department
3) Work-style transformation framework
4) Business framework led by core information