Management consulting support cases

For the issues in management field, we support clients with trailor made solutions.

Strategy consulting support example

Develop new business


 Support new business creation like digital business transformation by utilizing new technology from seeds, and new market development from business needs by executing marketing and innovation.

Business transformation


 Support process transformation of business operation flow and organization structure etc, and business strategy planning and execution for each business fields. Business fields cover not only single function like marketing, R&D, manufacturing and sales/marketing but also cross functions like supply chain, customer reationship, human management and information management.

Business globalization


 Design flexible globalization plan with time frame through scenario analysis. Define governance model to establish management governance by using 3 layer management model which Tokyo Consulting Inc advocates.

M&A and business alliance


 Define M&A strategy and select alliance partner and support negotiation. Support appropriate PMI operation design.

Build up organization


 Conduct workstyle reform by promoting team working, information sharing and work space reform and increase productivity of white collar and diversity of staff. Additionaly, support structual and functional transformation for administration work by added value analysis or index design including appropriate outsourcing and insourcing.

Sustainable business


 Support risk analysis for information secuirty, disaster prevention and disaster reduction, planning for BCP, technical skill handover by defining skill map or improvement plan.