Main services

Tokyo Consulting Inc is an unique company focusing on "Unifying strategy and system". We provide not only consulting service for strategy planning but also support service consistently to achieve the goal of transformation.

Consulting support service

AAA Strategy consulting

Support management and system strategy planning based on AAA framework.

 - Achievement; Maximize business accomplishment

 - Architecture; Business and information structure transformation, Infrastructure transformation

 - Approach; Establish systemization process, Improve system organization structure

System management service overview

System management support service

Providing various support, such as management diagnosis, planning and execution, from top management view to achieve AAA strategy.
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 ‐ Diagnosis/Planning; Diagnosis and planning based on AAA strategy
 ‐ Execution support;
  ・New business development(Business innovation type/New market development type)
  ・Business transformation
  ・System procurement management
  ・Procurement transformation and Vendor management
  ・IT department and IT subsidiary company transformation
  ・Information management
  ・Project management